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Parents, please remember when signing a Chromebook Contract that you supply a valid email address.  Contracts signed with student's email address will not be honored.  Returning Warrington Middle students will need to update Chromebook contract information. Distribution should begin later in August.

Chrome Corner

Parent Chromebook Training Session
Parent Chromebook Training Session

Broke Book? Did your Chromebook break?

Broken Chromebooks Happen!  We understand this.  Here's what to do if you have something going wrong:

Bring the Chromebook to Ms. Townsend in room 308.  Ideally, please do not let students out of class to do this.  If at all possible, they should be sent during lunch or before school. 

If a Chromebook is not repairable at the school, it will need to be sent out for repairs.  This includes a battery that won't charge beyond 1% and broken screens.  If it has to be sent out, it will take at least 3 days to return.  Once they come back from being repaired, I will email, letting everyone know which students have repairs to pick up.  Again, students should only be coming during their lunch of before school.  If you are sending them during class, please call me first to cut down on the amount of traffic in the halls. 


The first break on a Chromebook assigned to a student is covered under warranty with very few exceptions.  The faster I get them, the faster I can get them back to the students.


Please carry it to me in the sleeve.   In fact, the Chromebooks should not be carried around campus out of the sleeves.  I do not need the charger, nor the sleeve for the actual repair so those will go back to the students. 


There are two stickers on the palmrest, below the keyboard.  The one on the right is fluorescent orange, the one on the left is white.  BOTH OF THESE STICKERS MUST BE ON THE CHROMEBOOKS.  If they are missing a sticker, please have the student come to me during the above-listed times to get them replaced. 


If you can think of any other issues that come up with the Chromebooks that should be addressed, please let me know.  I'm aware this is a learning process for everybody.  Thank you for your patience while we get this sorted and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Important Chromebook Information