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Warrington Middle School

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    We are happy to announce that Summer School dates are from Wednesday, June 9th to Thursday, July 1st from 9:45am - 3:15pm. 

    No summer school on Fridays. 

    To find out whether your student is eligible, please reach out to one of your child's teachers or call 850-706-0692 and speak to Ms. Golden. 

    Breakfast, lunch and transportation within the WMS zone will be provided. 

    You must sign a form to allow your child to participate.  These will be available to send home with your student or to be signed. 

    See Ms. Baker when you arrive at the school. 

    It will be streamlined so parents do not have to wait. 

    It's come in, sign, and go.
    Thank you, Mrs. Golden.


    Questions about switching from remote TO TRADITIONAL? 

    Call 453-7440.

    Band flyer

    Dental Bus is coming back to campus the last week of February ( Feb 22-26)!  This is a FREE event.  

    Physical Applications will be available from the front office ( Ms. Pearson), Ms. Murphy and Ms. Baruch (room 120).

    Remote students are eligible. They would need to come to campus on their appointment day.

    All forms must be returned to Ms. Baruch (room 120), the front office (Ms. Pearson), or  remote student can complete /sign the application on KAMI and email to  by Friday Feb 12th, 2020.

    Students who participate will receive a goodie bag and a dress down day.


    Please watch the Chromebook Contract Video and sign the contract to receive your Chromebook!

    Chromebook Video

    Chromebook Contract


    Social and emotional learning for your child and great tips for you!  Educators and parents are becoming increasingly aware of the need for social and emotional learning (SEL) in schools.  Click HERE for more information.


    New Student Registration

    FSA Writing Test April 6th and 7th 

    6th grade students will take the FSA Writing test on Tuesday April 6th.  7th and 8th grade students will test on Wednesday April 7th.  We ask that you make sure that your student is here on the day of the test and on time.  

    We also ask that you remind your 7th and 8th grade students to have their chromebook fully charged and to bring their chromebook to school with them for testing.

    If your student is a remote student they can test at school on the testing day.  They will need to have their chromebook with them fully charged.  If a remote student takes the test on Saturday April 17th they will need to bring their chromebook fully charged.  

    We need your student here when school starts at 9:10 am.  Students who are late to school will have to wait and take the test on a make up day. 

    A parent letter concerning testing has been given to your student to take home and a copy will be posted to our website.  

    Thank you for your help as we take these important state tests. 

    Brent Brummet

    Principal, Warrington Middle School

    (850) 453-7441

    We're Up for It!

    Remote students - Wednesday March 10th is picture day for our yearbook.  We would like for you to take a picture of yourself and send it to us for the yearbook.  You can email your picture to  We would love to see you in the yearbook.  

    Brent Brummet

    Principal, Warrington Middle School

    (850) 453-7441


    We're Up for It!



    Letter to parents of Remote Learners 12/11/2020 call out:

    Good afternoon, 

    This is Mr. Brummet, Principal of Warrington Middle School, you are receiving this call because your student is a remote student. The State of Florida has required our schools to send home a letter to our qualifying remote students. 

    The letter states that based on one or more criteria our school is preparing for your student to return to traditional attendance of school. As the parent or guardian, you have two options.

    Your first option is to allow your student to return.  If you choose this option, we would ask that you and your student come to our guidance department, update contact information, and request a but ticket if needed.  If you are unable to come to the school you can call the guidance department and speak to Ms. Baker.  Her number and extension is 850- 453-7440 ext. 235.

    Your second option is to decide that you still want your student to remain a remote leaner.  This will take action on your part.  You will need to sign the bottom half of the letter and return the letter to our school.  If you have questions about keeping your student as a remote learner you can call Ms. Golden at 850 706 0692. 

    Announcement – Remote to Traditional

    Parents, guardians and students, the first 9 weeks ends on Oct. 27th.  Remote learners are given the opportunity to return to school as traditional learners on Oct. 28th the start of the second 9 weeks. 

    If you would like to move your student to traditional school please call Ms. Golden at (850) 706-0692 to let the school know of your decision.  We will make the change in FOCUS and your student will start as a traditional student on Oct. 28th.   

    Some things you may want to consider as you weigh your decision.  Look at FOCUS and check your student grades.  If your student is not being successful perhaps returning to traditional school would help.  We are practicing safety protocols.  We wear masks, have hand sanitizer stations in every classroom, and eat lunch in the classroom.  6th, 7th, and 8th grade students change classes at different times. 

    I know this a difficult time and a difficult decision.  Please let us know if we can help in any way.

    Again, Ms. Golden's number is (850) 706-0692.  


    For students participating in traditional school. 

    1. Bus routes and Bus stops are available through FOCUS.  You can find your students bus stop on their FOCUS page in the transportation tab.  It is very important that your address in FOCUS is correct.  

    2.  Traditional students will have access to their schedule through FOCUS on Thursday, August 20th and will receive a paper copy schedule in their first period class.  Staff will be available to help students find their first period class.  

    3. If you need to provide medication to the clinic for the school day the health tech will be available Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st from 12 to 3 at the bus ramp to receive medication.  

    For students who are remote learners.

    1. Your schedule for your school day will also be available in FOCUS on Thursday, August 20th.  Check your school Gmail for an email invitation to the google classroom.  You will attend your class through the google meet link the teacher will provide. 

    2. Attendance by google meet is required and will be counted period by period.

    3. School supplies and classroom materials will be available for pick on Thursday August 20th and Friday August 21st from 12 to 3 pm at the bus ramp area.  

    4. Parents will have access to the school lunch program and will need to go into FOCUS to select a pick up sight. 

    5. If a remote student is having a Chromebook issue or does not have a chrome book please call 453-7440 extension 115

    Virtual students will not receive a FOCUS schedule. Virtual students will work on the FLVS platform with teacher assistance as necessary.

    For questions, please call 453-7440 ext. 233.  

    Supply list


    #2 Pencils

    Blue or Black ink pens

    Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

    Pack of multi-colored highlighters

    Zippered Binder or 2 inch, 3 ring notebook and set of 10 dividers

    Ear buds


    Parents: Has your address and/or phone number changed?

    The Escambia County School District arranges transportation and other services by referring to the address on file at your child's school.

    Please help us maintain accurate and timely service for your child and ensure we are able to contact you in the event of an emergency by keeping your address and phone number current at your child's school.  

    Thank you!


    Warrington Middle School recognizes the importance of technology in our students’ education and is excited to announce our support of the Connect2Compete program that can make Internet access at home a whole lot easier and more affordable! 

     If your child receives free lunch at school, your family may be able to get fast Internet service at home for just $9.95 a month. Visit 

    or call toll free 1‐855‐222‐3252 to apply.  

    Warrington Middle School Hours

     Drop off Time    8:40 am

    Start Time           9:07 am

    Dismissal           4:00 pm



    9:07 ​​​First Bell

    9:10 - 9:58​​ First Period

    10:01 – 10:49​ Second Period

    10:52​ - 11:42 ​Third Period​​​

    10:52 - 11:14 Lunch A ​​​

    11:20 - 11:42 Lunch B

    11:45 - 12:35​ Fourth Period​

    Lunch C ​11:45 – 12:07​​

    Lunch D 12:13 – 12:35

    12:38​ - 1:28​ Fifth Period​​

    Lunch E​​​ 12:38 – 12:58 ​​

    Lunch F 1:06 -1:28

    1:31- 2:19​​ Sixth Period​

    2:22 – 3:10​ Seventh Period​​

    3:13 - 4:00​​ Eighth Period​​



    Tuesday​​     10-27-2020

    Friday ​​          1-15-2021​​

    Friday ​​        03-26-2021 ​​​

    Wednesday​​ 06-2-2021

    Breakfast & Lunch Program

    Warrington Middle School participates in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).  This means that every student attending Warrington will receive a free breakfast and lunch through our lunch line without having to fill out a lunch application.  We will still be offering our a la carte items (pizza, ice cream, chips, etc.)  that will be available for purchase. 

    School Menu

    Dress Code Policy

    Warrington Middle School has adopted the following Dress Code Policy: 

    • Torn clothing with holes will not be permitted. This includes holes in the knees of pants.
    • Shoes must have a back strap for safety reasons. No 'slides' or house shoes allowed.
    • Students must abide by the 'fingertip rule' when it comes to shorts or skirt length (must extend beyond fingertips).
    • Head coverings including but not limited to caps, scarves, bandanas, do-rags, sunglasses, and hoods shall not be worn inside the school buildings. This includes the classroom, cafeteria, Innovation Center, etc.
    • Hairstyles shall be appropriate and consistent with good grooming. 
    • Preparatory grooming (such as curlers or hair pick) and hairstyles that are distracting and disruptive to the educational process are not permitted.
    • Hair color, if dyed hair should be of natural coloring to the individual (brown, black, blonde, natural red hue).
    • Excessive safety pins in clothing, spiked jewelry and wallet chains are not allowed in school.

    School Uniform

    Navy Blue polo-styled collared shirt & Khaki bottom (skirt, shorts, pants, jumper)