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Physical Education

PE Coaches

Warrington Middle School

Physical Education

2022 - 2023

Coach Kent

Coach Kohler

Coach Kaucher

Our goal at Warrington is to provide a good understanding of the importance of physical fitness and to provide students with a wide variety of activities in which they can continue to participate throughout their lifetime. We provide knowledge and activities that are designed to enhance the components of fitness and promote a healthy lifestyle. We also encourage students to exhibit good sportsmanship and respect for others.                                          

Class Guidelines


*Come to class prepared (dress out daily & Participate)                       *No cellphones

 *Be respectful toward teacher(s) and peers.                                          *Zero tolerance for bullying

*No food, candy, or drinks are allowed in the locker room or gym      *Chromebooks required

 *No foul or vulgar language will be tolerated.                                                   

*No horseplay/slap boxing in the locker room or gym.



          Be on Time, Be Prepared, Participate, Be kind, Be Respectful, Enjoy Being Active         


PE Uniform:                             

Students will be required to wear athletic shorts/pants and t-shirt with sleeves (no tank tops), and proper athletic shoes. Sandals and open toe shoes (crocs) will not be acceptable and students will not be allowed to participate in activities while wearing these types of shoes.         Loaner shoes will be available to check out.                            



All clothes and personal items of value should be locked in the gym locker before the student leaves the locker room. The student, not the school, is responsible for his/her personal belongings.

Students should bring a combination lock or a key lock. (If a key lock is used an extra key must be provided to the Coach.)                                                                     


Grading Policies:                             

Students will be graded in three areas, which include daily participation, fitness/exams/written, and being prepared for class.                        

Daily Participation, Prepared for Class & Appropriate Behavior: 50%

Written/Skill testing: 25%

Daily Effort: 25%


Please send a parent note with phone # if your child cannot participate for the day. An official Doctor's excuse is necessary if your child cannot participate in P.E. for more than 2 days