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Counselor Connection

Guidance Purpose

Warrington Middle School's Guidance Department is in place to assist students with learning how to work out their problems. 


1.  Guidance Counselors serve a vital role in providing input into the discipline of students along with the behavior team to help students become self directed and disciplined.


2.  At Warrington Middle School, our goal is to ensure students value diversity.   


3.  We strive to ensure individual differences and aptitudes are developed to enable them to become mature individuals.


4.  We encourage each student to:  develop a sense of P.R.I.D.E. in their school, to develop positive attitudes at all times, and to be involved in extra curricular activities.

P - Positivity, R - Respect, I - Intergity,  D - DedicationE - Excellence


5.  The Counselor's goal is to help students understand themselves so that they can learn to make better decisions about life. 


6.   Academic achievement, personal development, and fulfillment are our main concerns.