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Warrington is a PBIS School!

What is P.B.I.S.?


PBIS develops a proactive, rather than reactive, level of support for the social, emotional, and academic needs of all students.



  • Data Driven.

    • Implement a systematic way to use data to inform and drive decision making.

  • Maintain high behavior and academic expectations.

    • Opportunities for academic engagement as a means for preventing negative behavior.

    • Offer academic support for students before and/ or after school.

  • Maintain a focus on positive and proactive interventions and/or supports, rather than reacting and disciplining for failure to meet expectations.

    • Provide, teach, and model clear and consistent expectations and procedures within classrooms and across school settings.

  • Involves all staff in a school, students, families, and communities.

    • Incorporate opportunities for parent and community involvement and input.

  • Maintain a focus on positive intervention rather than punishment.

  • Provide a positive and inclusive environment.


Email Mr. Lovely for more information.

Are You Up for It?

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