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Homework Success

do your homework

Parents and Students,

Please download and use a copy of the Homework Check List.

You will find that this pdf file works well in helping your student successfully manage their homework.

Homework Requests

Most homework should be on Google Classroom or a parent/guardian may call the Guidance Secretary, Gladys Baker at Ext 235.

Teachers have 24 hours to get homework sent to Guidance for pick-up.

24 hour time clock


School Success Tips

I CAN...

TESTING TIPS                     

* Get six to eight hours of sleep each night.   

* Breakfast is important, it is fuel for your body.

* Dress for Success - School Uniforms are REQUIRED           

* Arrive on time!            


* Show That You Think Education and Homework Are Important                            

* Set a time to complete your homework.

* Pick a comfortable place. 

* Remove any distractions that breaks your concentration.

* Ensure your supplies and resources are available (dictionary, ruler, calculator, pencil sharpner, etc).

* Set a good example (let student see you read, use math as in balancing a checkbook, measuring items, etc.)


* Know and follow the school's homework policy.

* Ask your parent/guardian to look over your completed assignments.

* Monitor time spent viewing TV and playing video games - READ instead.


* Get organized - write assignments and due dates in an agenda/planner.

* Get in the habit of practicing good study habits.

* Talk to your parent/guardian about the assignments.

* Watch for frustration - YOU CAN DO IT!   

* Talk to the teacher(s) about any difficulties.  


Source: U.S. Department of Education